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According to Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity: Sex, Lies and Domestic Bliss, love thrives on security, familiarity and intimacy, but carnal desire feeds on uncertainty, insecurity, mystery and absence. To rediscover the lust, you need to shake things up.

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To introduce guqrenteed variety, look back at your all-time sex highs for inspiration and then implement these strategies. Hey, you could end up teaching Sting a trick or two Role-playing can work wonders too. Try this lottery with a twist: Put the yeses in a box, and once a month pick a winner. Download Kindu: And mind expansion.

Whatever the reasons, you call the whole thing off. Thereby discovering the cruel irony that your last sex is your best sex. But the partnrs effect is a mid-month spike in horniness. Research by the Kinsey Institute found when a man looks into your eyes at least 60 per cent of the time, it floods your body with pleasure chemical phenylethylamine. That, Nasserzadeh says, is an irresistible way to facilitate bonding. The partner lying behind can use his hands to caress his lover, and can whisper into her ear for added romance.

Partners guarenteed Sex

Doggy style This position, where partners are facing away from each other and connecting from behind, may not seem the most intimate, but it facilitates one of the best ways to bond: For women, this position gives deep penetration that can lead to immense pleasure, Nasserzadeh says. Standing in the shower Sex in the shower allows you to take it long and slow, says Eric Marlowe Garrisona sexologist and author of Mastering Multiple Position Sex. The warm water, ambient noise, and fresh scents will relax you and allow you to really connect with your partner, while the water provides extra lubrication that is great for mind-blowing sex.

Stand back to chest facing the long wall of the shower, so that both partners are in the warm water.

Massage each other and enjoy your full bodies touching before the parrners enters from behind, reaching around for nipple or clitoral stimulation. Pro tip: Silly though it may sound, take steps to avoid slipping. A bath mat or even rubber-soled shoes like Crocs can go a long way in making your shower sex unforgettable for all the right reasons. One partner sits with legs loosely crossed, while the other is on top with legs wrapped around the partner's back.

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