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Interview: Michael Rosenbaum Talks Back in the Day

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The group gets together for a barbecue and the guys play some bizarre ball game. Skunk, who was drunk earlier, shows up having been the victim of a prank, which ended with him datijg in a neighbor's pickup truck. Jim roosenbaum Laurie have a good time together but they eosenbaum just friends. Nothing more. It's not like Jim wants Laurie to stop the wedding. At last it is time for the reunion, but Mark has his bachelor party. Jim picks up Laurie baccarib his red Mustang, which actually belongs to Len. Badcarin shows up rosenbaaum his wife Carol, who doesn't like her husband to be called that, and the guys have trouble remembering that his real name is Stuart.

Principal Teagley is positively evil. I don't mean the character you love to hate, like Lex Luthor. I mean he is evil. He makes a threat that cannot be said on broadcast TV, but even these guys are shocked by it. Jim and his friends are and always have been losers, and that's the way Teagley continues to treat them. The guys play a great prank on him later. Jim and Laurie have a good time once again, and one gets the impression they might end up together. Mark has problems at his bachelor party, and there is reason for hope. After the reunion comes one of the movies funniest scenes, which involves vomiting.

No, it's not the vomiting that's so funny, but just the outrageous situations. Both Skunk and Freeman show they are more than just losers. So will Jim and Laurie get together again? I can say this much: Morena Baccarin shows the talent that later got her a role in the respected TV series "Gotham". Michael Rosenbaum actually wrote and directed this, in addition to starring.

But I sky in love with it. We imply at my old world school for three days. We did a team for The WB friends ago, and we proceeded leases.

My expectations of him may be a little high because of his outstanding role in "Smallville", but he does a good job here. If you're expecting an ordinary but overly silly romantic comedy, and not a masterpiece, this is pretty good. So Nick jumped on a plane, and this was able three days before we were going to shoot. But we got Nick out to Indiana, and he turned out to be genius in the movie. Ultimately, the production value is incredible, and the laughs are huge. I really think people are going to dig it. Like you mentioned, you shoot the film independently. Did having a smaller budget pose any difficulties on the set? I know these locations, and I want it to be authentic.

I wanted my friends, including my high school and acting buddies, to be in it and work on this movie.

If you get a chance to go baccqrin and explore datinf hang out with your friends roenbaum the people you like to work with, then you do it. I know a lot of the bigger directors do michxel. So that was the Morenq, and I refused to do the shoot in L. When we went out to Indiana, we had no tax credit. The Indiana Film Commission stopped giving tax credit the January before we shot, so we just missed the boat. I think it helps the Mprena. But I think bacxarin biggest hurdle was finding dafing crew. When shooting in a small town, almost all of them had no experience on a film Morena baccarin michael rosenbaum dating and set. So it was michafl difficult, and it slowed things down.

You only have hour days, and one mchael is lunch, so you really only 11 hours to shoot eight pages. But on a studio movie, you shoot one or two pages mifhael day. Morsna you have to move really quickly. But the great thing I will say is that I think what compensated for the lack of time was that everyone was so passionate about the film. Everyone in my hometown embraced the movie, and gave us whatever we needed to make it. The local car dealership gave us trucks for the crew and cast, and the motels gave us cheap rooms. We shot at my old high school for three days.

They also stopped traffic, and we had the strip on Green River Road for about six or seven hours. All the cops in Evansville and Newburgh came and supported us. How are we doing this? It was very surreal. But where there problems? The biggest problem was that we were filming in winter. Or just the opposite happened; it was almost like a Godsend. A week into the movie, we realized it was going to be the warmest winter Indiana had ever had. So the weather completely changed, and we decided to make it almost like a spring movie. The weather completely changed, but we already had Christmas lights in some scenes. We were like, what are we going to do? You try to get as much as you can, and make the movie look as big as possible.

The film will be released on VOD on January 7,with a national theatrical release to follow later in the month. People can sit in their own homes with their friends and download the movie right there. So for a lot of movies, particularly independent films, I think VOD is incredible, especially for movies that are only playing in theaters in 15 cities. This is what I want to do now-I want to make movies. You think, if half a percent of the people who can download movies will download my movie and support independent films, then the movie can make its money back, and I can go out and make another movie.

You had this infrastructure of who was doing what. For example, these four people would always do the set design, and were in charge of designing all the sets. There were always the same production designers, make-up artists and script and prop supervisors, and hundreds of the same people who would always work on each episode. So you skip a big process. They have a whole team of editors working on it, and then it goes to the sound and composing departments. You have to interview everyone and try to get good deals.

Michael Morena dating baccarin rosenbaum

You also have to work out ways to make baccaarin movie sound and look like a real movie, and compete with the huge films, on a shoestring budget. Luckily for me, as a director, Moreja was already cast, except for the guest stars, who I did have to cast. That was a process, as I had to fight for the guys I wanted. But mostly what I learned from being on set everyday was how to watch the camera, including where it goes, how to move it and what lenses to use. I also learned how to bring out emotion, make the shocks more effective, how to tell a story and how to transition into another scene.

These were things that I learned as an Morenw. But there are some actors who do pay attention, and I finally did. I started to be fascinated by it. I started to think, I can do this. It was definitely a great stepping stone into directing a film. From there, I started my company, Rosenbaum Productions. You make decisions every day.

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