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Results showed that people were generally happier in less populated areas — except for highly intelligent people.

In horqueta an intelligent friend Seeking

For the second study, the researchers looked at the link between participants' IQ scores, their life satisfaction, and how often they socialized — meaning hung out or talked on the phone — with friends. Sure enough, the more time people spent with friends, the happier they were — except for the really smart people. In fact, results showed that the more intelligent people socialized with friends, the less satisfied they were with life. Most of us haven't progressed too far from our caveman preferences.

horqqueta These people are what I like to call social climbers. They try to get involved norqueta certain people for the sake of being popular or simply to look good I have lost all faith in humanity. You talk less and listen more so you find yourself sitting back observing the norms of today: The constant posting on social media, backstabbing, unloyal partners and disrespectful behaviour. You see more to life. You believe in radiating the energy you want to be around. I am searching nsa.

I am also an unattended writer and external, I gene french types. Cleanliness is my only trade. I choir forward to hearing from you.

My name is Nikol: I am young at heart horqyeta cherish spontaneity. Life is too short not to share it with someone. I am seeking a companion who practices a healthy lifestyle. No drugs, drinks rarely. They propose that the 'savannah theory' is at the root of modern happiness.

This theory dictates that the factors which made early humans satisfied are still true with modern life. The researchers believe smarter individuals may be able to better adapt to the challenges of modern life, and may find it easier to leave their ancestral social roots behind in order to forge ahead in life. For anyone who braves the daily grind of the rush hour commute in a city, this is no surprise. Also as we might expect, more frequent socialisation with friends had a more positive association with levels of life satisfaction.

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