Backdating tax credits 2012

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Tax Credits Manual

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Income cut-off for tax credits will be based on individual circumstances and therefore will be different for everyone Couples with children will be able to continue working 16 hours a week between them and still qualify for WTC if: A person is "incapacitated" if they are getting one of a list of sickness or disability benefits or pensions, or one of those benefits is being paid to their partner. It is not yet clear just how HMRC will operate the new rule. Its systems may not be able to identify couples who fall within one of the exceptions above, and those couples may have to come forward and tell HMRC.

Similarly generous increases apply to the amounts for disabled and severely disabled children. From 6 Aprilproviding the claimant notifies HMRC within 1 month 3 months prior to 6 April of being awarded the qualifying benefit, they will receive full backdating. There is no need to tell HMRC when they apply for the disability benefit. Similarly, if their claim for tax credits is dependent on the qualifying benefit, providing they claim within 31 days 93 days prior to 6 April of being awarded the benefit they can receive full backdating.

CTC claims are normally backdated to the date of birth of the child, or by 31 days, whichever gives the shorter period.

If the claimant Backdatint returning to work after leaving benefits and claiming WTC, then it is likely that you will receive automatic backdating. However, those who are claiming WTC for the first time will not receive automatic backdating and must request it. There is currently nowhere on the claim form to ask for this backdating. This change means you could lose money if you delay claiming.

If you report a change that means your payments go up, the Backdatint amount will only be backdated by up to one month. To make sure you get your higher payments backdated to the earliest possible date, you should report all changes within one month. There is no one income cut-off point for tax credits. It is based on your individual circumstances and takes into account lots of factors.

Tax credits 2012 Backdating

There are several changes to the system all happening at once, and Backdatting impact will depend on ceedits individual circumstances. Only by looking at all of the changes together and their effect on your overall entitlement will you be able to determine whether you are better off or worse off in Bacjdating to Changes for workers The basic, hour and couple elements of cerdits tax credit WTC crecits frozen at their level. A change of circumstances received on or after can be automatically backdated up to a maximum of one month. A change of circumstances or a correction can be backdated up to a maximum of one month except in the following circumstances where the change of circumstances or correction results in a reduced or ceased award where a customer states that a disability or severe disability element of Child Tax Credit CTC should be included in an awarded tax credits claim on the basis of a claim made to a qualifying disability benefit which has now been decided.

To qualify for this element being backdated by more than one month, the customer must notify Tax Credit Office TCO within one month from the date the disability decision was made. For details of qualifying disability benefits, follow the guidance in TCM If they wait until they have registered the birth, claimed child benefit and heard back, it is very likely that they will have missed out on tax credits.

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New parents should be advised to claim tax credits as soon as possible, leaving the box on the form for the child benefit reference number blank if necessary, so as not to miss out. There is no requirement to be entitled to child benefit before claiming CTC. Therefore older Bulletin articles may be out of date. Use keywords or the search function to find more recent material on this topic.

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