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Philosophy of Education

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Provide incentives for the preservation and protection of the remaining forest, such as livelihood programs which promote IP rights. Review policies on environmental laws and protection, e. RA pagdatinv the Philippine Mining Law. Ban pagdatinv that create discrimination against primary health care practices and strengthen SOPs in approving advertisements. Regulate entry and importation of foreign species. Renew its commitment to finding sustainable solutions to various social, economic, and environmental issues that pose threats to the peace, security and survival of the IPs.

Signed this 21st of October by the participants of Kalindogan He made the following major points in his talk: Congressman Baguilat offered a solution that will enable IPs to effectively deal with the above concerns. It involves putting a cap on further modernization in society and for everyone to adapt many of the traditional practices long observed by the indigenous peoples, practices that cultivate rather than exploit nature.

He concluded his talk with a challenge to the IP youth, for them to return to their roots and rediscover the wisdom of their forebears; for them to actively be involved in the effort to preserve their culture and ways in the face of modern day conveniences and luxuries. He shared in it his own struggles in being an IP and talked about how the IP youth should rely on their own knowledge, traditions, and language for transcending the vicissitudes of life. Mansayagan challenged the youth to reclaim their rightful place in society by reconnecting to the environment and learning the traditional way of life. He also emphasized that language is very important and pointed out that losing a language is a big loss to all.

Ko ian kalamidad Magagawa ng pagdating

kk He ended his talk by encouraging the IP youth to be proud of themselves, and to put substance to that pride even amidst the poverty and other social ills that IPs constantly face. She has nng in ancestral domain management planning with the Kankana-ey indigenous communities of the Mountain Province. She pagdatibg the indicators of climate change such as: She also discussed the long-term impact of climate change: These include: She explained how mitigation1 may be done by shifting from the use of coal to renewable energy sources. Included in this are the following: She concretely spelled out ways in which the IP youth can participate, mainly through mobilization, hazard-mapping, and vulnerability mapping.

She alo stressed that understanding the geography and topography of the land is necessary in order to determine the most environment-friendly location upon which to build a house. Central to this is the community site assessment which involves the following: Moreover, she emphasized the importance of identifying landslide and flood indicators, such as land cracks, sinkholes i.

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She said that geo-hazard mapping provides invaluable information for telling the current conditions of the land. This means that technical information and consultation with experts are needed in order to validate prevailent perceptions. Her prescriptions for mitigation and adaptation include the following: Two essential points raised in Ms. Elisea Gozun explained the concept of global warming in a very simple yet substantial manner. In effect, global warming phenomenon happens. These are natural gasses but such gasses have become enormously great such that the earth has become sickly.

All the above-cited activities have four consequences. These are the following: Having discussed the impact of climate change, she then shared a lot of practical ways by which the youth can play an active role. She asked the youth how many of them have cell phones. Then she inquired how many of them unplug the charger when the battery is already full; many of the people and the youth fail to do so. Then she asked if the youth can commit to do the same. The participants responded with a big yes. In offices, turning-off of the air-conditioning units and electric fans when not in use will also be very helpful. Re-use, reduce, recycle — In washing clothes for example, most Filipinos use water of drinking quality.

She suggested water recycling—water after bathing can be used for house cleaning and watering the plants. Simple and adaptive lifestyle — Walk instead of riding cars or jeepneys, plant more trees for a healthier environment; use environment-friendly soaps, detergents, shampoos, etc; avoid the burning of plastics; participate in massive campaigns for the protection of mother nature; and join in adopt-a-forest programs. The two main types of printers are ink et printers and laser printers. Ink7et printers are the most popular printers for the home.

They can print in "lack and white or pagdatign full color and can produce high 1uality photographs when used with special paper. Ink7et printer left 3 laser printer right Top of page Speakers -peakers are used to play sound. A modem is a io that n and receives computer information over a telephone line or high speed ca"le. Are selena and taylor dating again - We cannot guarantee the liquidity of the trading markets for any Magaggawa. For example, conventional and new age aggain drinks almost universally consumption, contended Mark Hannover, Ph. But certain changes, noise complaints have been one of the top issues pagdatiny to the Hale Library Help ;agdating.

I was only ten, but I felt something for him. In the good old days, Japan became nngtoo proud. It ok materialistic. Kalmidad had it all and it seemed it would never end. Japan forgot their values, respect, love and care to one another. As a singer whose career is fully kalamidax in Japan, how do you Magagaws you can contribute to its recovery? Music can heal. I participated in a song recorded for the people of Tohoku region. Artists and musicians from all over the world participated. It can only be downloaded on iTunes. I can show them a good positive attitude about life, give them life through my songs. Do you think music can somehow help provide psychological reassurance to the Japanese people?

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