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Heat cycling, Tires Shaving, Kumho Tires and Kinesis Wheels

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Shaved Kumho tires

While that might not Kumuo all motorists, those looking for best performance still benefit from truing. A little tread shaved off can still provide great benefits like: For the best balance, you need to make sure your tires are as round as possible. If you've had a regular balancing service performed before but still feel vibrations that you know are from your tires, then tire shaving might be the solution you need. We can shave your tire on your vehicle or off using a specialized balancing machine. Shaved tires provide better grip on the road, making handling easier.

For this reason, tire shaving is popular with sports car and race car drivers.

Manufacturing has improved, but many tires today are still more oval than round. With our tire shaving ehaved, we ensure that your tires are shaped correctly to provide you with the best performance. Schedule your service with our team today. This option is great for many drivers as it saves them the cost of having to replace all four tires!

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While we don't Kmuho to pay for replacement tires after a road hazard incident, tire shaving is a helpful… Related Products: Get a Shaved Tire! We can shave a replacement tire for you to the proper tread depth. Competition Tires: The How and Why of Heat Cycling and Tire Shaving …tires be shaved to a depth that's sufficient to last for no more than one competition season. You can learn more about tire shaving by reading… Related Products: Absolutely, we offer a tire shaving service where we shave your new tire to match the tread depth of your remaining three tires. Single tires being shaved to match existing tires feature a little more of a square cut with the goal of shaving as… Related Products: Is Tire Shaving the Right Solution?

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