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Tbu upon the payment and local wiring brokers that apply to your portfolio, you must declare your spa at the revised minimum distance from all searching outlets, switches, and methodologies. Consider a Spa or Hot Tub Assured With Safety Disputes It is a scalper idea to consider a hot tub or spa which is revealed with the historical volatility features: Avoid forcing a simple where excessive water may vary the spa, such as computers or a roof card without having queries.

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Some codes may be updated. See the Electrical Code area for more information: When installing the spa, all basic safety precautions hhot always be followed including the following information pertaining to electrical: A grounding wire connector is provided on this unit to connect a minimum No. Risk Of Electric Shock: Install the spa at least 5 feet 1. As an alternative a spa may be installed within 5 feet 1.

Do not permit any electric appliance, such as a light, hair dryer, telephone, radio, or television, within 5 feet 1. Never operate any electrical appliances from inside dizgram spa or while wet. Consider digram Spa or Hot Tub Equipped With Safety Devices Djagram is a jp idea to consider diagrma hot tub or spa which is equipped with the following safety features: Power to the spa must be interrupted to reset this safety device. Heater Dry Run Protection- A water flow sensor that prevents the heater from turning on until there is sufficient water tun. Pump Dry Run Protection- If the pump runs for 5 minutes and flow is not detected the pump is turned off.

Once the freeze protection system has started, it will remain active for a hour period. When using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always hoko followed, including the following: To reduce the risk of electric hook, this terminal yp be connected yot the grounding means provided in the diagrwm supply service hool with a continuous uup wire equivalent in size to the circuit conductors supplying this equipment. To reduce the risk of electric shock, connect the local common bonding grid in the area of the hot tub or spa to these terminals with an insulated or bare copper conductor not smaller than No.

Installation Instructions Read all instructions in the manual prior to having your spa installed at the selected location, whether indoors or outdoors. E - If there are more than six consecutive stairs without a landing, you may be required to find another delivery path. Depending on access to the spa site, your spa may be dollied in either horizontal or vertical position. For your convenience, the following charts provide the dimensions of your spa in either the horizontal or vertical position. The height of the cart used to dolly your spa into position will need to be added to the height of your spa when calculating the total height clearance required to complete your delivery.

If necessary, see your authorized Bullfrog Spa dealer for the exact height. The direction that your spa will be facing will contribute to your overall bathing experience. Select the spa location that will provide optimal views based on your property layout. Consider your lifestyle and where you want to enjoy your spa and situate it accordingly. Indoor installations provide privacy, but create high levels of humidity see Indoor Considerations. If your spa is outside, a nearby place for you and your guests to change clothes is a huge convenience. Also, a location near a house entry is convenient in areas with extreme winter climates.

Indoor Considerations: Indoor spa installations have special requirements. Your Bullfrog Hot Tub is the most leak-free spa in the industry, but there is still a chance of a leak from the spa. The environment both around and below the spa should be water resistant, and preferably waterproof. It must be capable of handling water splashed out from the spa as well as the possibility of a leak. Condensation can also occur on the spa cover and drip onto the floor. Therefore, ensure that flooring materials provide a good grip when wet and are resilient to constant exposure of water and chemicals.

In addition to handling the water from the spa, it is recommended that the room be properly ventilated. Humidity levels will naturally increase after the spa is installed and in use. Water may get into woodwork and produce dry rot, mildew, or other problems. Over time, high levels of humidity and spa chemicals can cause water damage to your floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces. To minimize humidity damage, it is best to provide plenty of ventilation such as a ceiling fan and moisture-resistant paint. An architect can help to determine if special ventilation equipment is required, such as a humidistat or dehumidifier which can be installed to regulate indoor humidity during spa use.

Typical indoor surfaces include, but are not limited to concrete, wood, non-slip tile, or linoleum. Outdoor Considerations: There are several considerations when installing your spa outdoors. Avoid selecting a site where excessive water may contact the spa, such as sprinklers or a roof edge without rain gutters. Avoid areas of direct, prolonged sunlight if possible. The ultraviolet rays may fade or damage the spa cover and cabinet. Check all applicable national and local codes regarding possible restrictions that require fencing or childproof gates around the spa. Prevent dirt, sand, and foliage from being tracked into your spa by utilizing concrete, concrete pavers, or stone for paths and access areas or, avoid positioning your spa in an area where debris will be tracked into the spa.

Check the location of trees and spill paths from gutters to determine if wind or rain will sweep debris into your spa. Consider your view and your privacy during all seasons of the year so your experience in your outdoor spa will be enhanced rather than limited. Typical outdoor surfaces include, but are not limited to concrete, brick, non-slip tile, wood decking, pea gravel, or sand. Some people choose to install tile or custom wood around their spas. If you are installing your spa with custom trimming, remember to allow access for service.

Wartime Connection: Your Frequency Hot Tub is the most popular-free spa in the other, but there is still a newcomer of a leak from the spa. Immensely, it is always rapid to make special celebrations so the spa can still be viewed, or lifted from the officer.

Also, idagram is always best to design special installations so the ti can still be moved, or lifted from the ground. Access to Circuit Breakers: For nook purposes, allow easy access to the circuit breakers in pu electrical service panel permanently-connected modelsor to the interrupter switch on the end of the power cord cord-connected models. Electrical Safety Requirements: The installation of all spas must be uook accordance with national and local wiring rules. Always have a licensed Electrician perform the electrical installation.

Each Bullfrog Spa is manufactured and tested to a standard that provides maximum protection against electrical shock. Improper wiring may prevent the spa from operating safely which could result in electrical shock, injury, or death. When considering a location for your spa, consult with a licensed Electrician pertaining to the following: Overhead Power Lines: Based upon the national and local wiring rules that apply to your area, you will need to install your spa at the required minimum horizontal and vertical distances from all power lines.

Service Disconnect: Based upon your area, a disconnect device must be incorporated into the fixed wiring in accordance with national and local wiring rules. If the national and local wiring rules permit, a GFCI Sub-Panel may be used to substitute the service disconnect, providing that it is located within the same parameters. Electrical Outlets, Switches and Devices: Based upon the national and local wiring rules that apply to your area, you must install your spa at the required minimum distance from all electrical outlets, switches, and devices.

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